ABOUT owner

I started making bows when I had my baby girl and when she had her daughter I  did the same for her. I always wanted her hair to look cute with bows that matches her clothes. I am currently a school teacher of 26 years. I work with kids ages 3-5. Some times I can imagine my hair bows in the little girls hair matching their outfits. So once I started making them for my daughter and grand child  I fell in love with them.


Making bows is my passion. I enjoy making bows in my spare time. I always like to be creative with the bows and colors. Bow making is a passion that I get to put a lot of and time in it. My bows are very sturdy and strong. I stand on their strength and firmness.

Frequently asked questions

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How fast is shipping?
It takes 1-4 business days. We don't ship on weeks or holidays.

Customization orders can take up to 3 weeks depending on your order size. But that will be discussed in your order process through email.

 How are they made?

They are hand made. With local materials.
Can you get customization.
Yes! We do customization all you have to do is email us @ and we will go go from there.
How long do the hair bows last ?
They can last for years with good keep up.